Born and raised in the Central Valley of California he was privileged to be surrounded by agricultural landscapes, as well with neighboring small cities that offered a variety of avenues to burrow in creativity.

At a young age David Samuels was always fascinated with the idea of capturing lightning in a jar. He was interested in energy as a physical power such as electricity, and it metaphorically in the world of artistic expressionism. His curiosity naturally led him to fall in the groove of becoming an electrician while balancing his life as a diverse artist in the fields of modern arts such as music, spoken word poetry, and mixed media paintings. His work focuses on symmetry and complicated textures that help create a balanced aesthetic. He uses imagery that seem to tell a story of their own, a set composition in color arrangements, along with geometric forms and patterns displayed on both small and large scale wooden box panels.

Samuels has been acknowledged by the several awards he has received for his work in many group exhibitions, being a former art director for The LF Gallery (Fresno, Ca.), the music he has produced, and as a local spoken word poet. He helps with the expansion of growth in culture in his community by giving lectures to students in the arts and his volunteer work for local projects and mixed media workshops while continuing to build a body work in the world of mix media. 

Artist Statement:

I am often looking for avenues of the unexpected.
In my childhood, I was always interested in the overall concepts of transformation and metamorphosis. More precisely, I find myself fascinated by the unfolding of the path of life, from the turning of time, to the interaction of nature’s natural life force that always navigates through the bonding chemistry of color, texture, and the depths of vibrance that form abstract patterns and designs.Its a powerful orchestrated interaction that visually sets a direction to embody a motion through the gathering and juxtapositions of matter.

The synergy between forms and colors speaks of an inner life where contradictory impulses seem to cause explosions and implosions. Chromatic tones vibrate at specific frequencies, opening a world of sensibility that brings us into the image in a contemplation mode. We then sail through transition zones alternating between violence and softness. I look purposefully for this ambivalence between movement and stillness, which can reflect tensions of all kinds. I apply myself in transmitting and receiving gestures in moods that are rich in emotions.

Results from this are visual sonic landscapes with paradoxical forms, whose borders are both defined and denied. The collected bold strikes of energy that assists a push to create an imaginary universe, a space where the multiplicity of motion acts like a renewed mantra - it grows into a spiritual quest and absolute introspection placing a journey of authenticity and truth. It welcomes you to a place of oneness, stillness, and quietude. 

Artist Description:

Every painting is a mystery, every painting is a new discovery.

David Samuels constructs visuals with sometimes a rustic weathered feel. They are selectively scratched, eroded, or dissolved properly to reach a certain balance. Several different methods are used to build layers that are incorporated for the surface such as paint, paper collage, ink transfers, or other items that help form a thin or thick coat. Different tools such as putty knives, brushes, spatulas, sponges, his hands, and other items to provide a rough or a smooth surface are used to achieve a certain aesthetic. Traces of doodles, pencil markings, graffiti, and often broken lines to a poem that have personal meaning to him can be found hidden in the backgrounds of his work. The messages sometimes show irony or relating symbolism to the piece. I also with the element of surprise and what is referred as "The Controlled Chaos" technique this interaction as a whole, is always one of a kind.

As an abstract expressionist, David enjoys showing the contrast between layers that are composed to show the opaque to transparent, and dark to light. Some of the meanings behind a painting can stem from a memory, a place, a mood, a person, or simply just a situation. He hopes that when a viewer observes his work that they are invited to contemplate it in sort of a meditative way that the painting will speak to them. He hopes that doing this will give them their own experience through imagination. David Samuels shows quality and structural integrity upon every finished piece. His aim is to capture the spontaneity or the loud outburst that tends to hide in the quiet energy that dwells within all of us.